Paradoxes of Knowledge

The Paradox Of Knowledge
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She said that within a social context, the more knowledgeable individuals become, the stronger their relations should be towards developing a collective intelligence linked to increased power relations.

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Scholars have, thus, started addressing important questions, such as: what is the paradox of size and scale of large organizations in looking for contextualized solutions for inclusive growth George et al. This foundational course will introduce students to key methodological, conceptual and technical issues that arise when designing a formalism to make precise intuitions about the knowledge and beliefs of a group of agents. Permissions Icon Permissions. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ASPA as an organization. How do we address these paradoxes in our minds?

She said knowledge should not only be used as a support for economic productivity but it should play an important role in the legitimation of social and political decisions. Dube questioned whether the knowledge-power relation was paradoxical, stating that she could not get a definitive answer when she asked herself whether knowledge is power or whether power is knowledge. And when is knowledge power?

Managing five paradoxes of knowledge exchange in networked organizations: new priorities for HRM?

What counts as legitimate knowledge and whose knowledge is worthy? Whose knowledge matters and who decides the legitimacy of knowledge? In her perspective on the colonisation of knowledge, colonisers did not acknowledge the uniqueness of Africa and its people, and used their colonial power as a tool towards building their own powerful dominance, leaving an unequal relationship between them and indigenous people of the colonies.

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Consequently, that oppressive relationship yielded psychological effects to the oppressed as internalised oppression, characterised by hostility, apathy inferiorisation, alienation, depression, doubt and devalue of self-culture, individual and community divisiveness. Dube brought in another twist in the paradox by questioning why years after the colonial rule ended, Africa is still facing challenges of abject poverty, inequality, under-development, dependence, and economic and political distress. Is there a curse as some have alluded, that totalitarian rule and influence remains a yoke that we cannot control or discard?

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In Philosophical Troubles. Collected Papers Vol I.

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He lectured on both paradoxes at For them, knowledge closes inquiry. Saul A. Kripke. This chapter focuses on the paradox of the surprise examination. A student can then reason as follows: The teacher, if he intends to fulfill his announced promise, cannot give the exam on the very last day.

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